Kisses - Enamel Mug
Kisses - Enamel Mug
Kisses - Enamel Mug

Kisses - Enamel Mug

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Sometimes no words are needed. This cute mug is certainly one of those cases. Perfect for setting you up with a perfect mood in the morning

This mug is made from enamel, which is generally thought of as a "camping mug" - But who says you need to be a camper to enjoy the lightweight, durable and multifunctional features of an enamel mug. Of course, feel free to strap it to your backpack on a hike together. In fact, this is our recommendation!

The features:

• Enamel Mug
• Dimensions: height 3.14″ (8 cm), diameter 3.25″(8.25 cm
 White coating with a silver rim
• Not dishwasher and microwave-safe
• Hand-wash only