Happy Couple Recipe - The Original
Happy Couple Recipe - The Original
Happy Couple Recipe - The Original
Happy Couple Recipe - The Original
Happy Couple Recipe - The Original
Happy Couple Recipe - The Original
Happy Couple Recipe - The Original
Happy Couple Recipe - The Original

Happy Couple Recipe - The Original

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"... it helped us make our relationship even better" - Anna S.

happy couple original

Couples go from romantic lovers to bored roommates really fast. We've all seen it happen. Luckily, this does not have to be the case for you. Keep it romantic, hot & most importantly fun with the happy couple recipe!

Respark your romance with a gift that will blow them away


Make it special - Personalize the poster with your names. Again: This is NOT your ordinary anniversary gift! Caution: This will be hard to beat with future gifts ;)


Playfulness, not pressure - The ingenious combination of simple, yet meaningful couple activities with playful reward stickers will get the romance back into any relationship - without feeling like a chore!


A true eye-catcher - This set is a talking point whenever you have friends over. People cannot help but to notice & comment.


When was the last time you did anything together?

Whether you have been together since the dinosaurs still roamed this earth or you are just getting to know each other - the activities on the poster will feel right for you.

  • Do you want to have a fun date night?
    How about 'watch each other's favorite movie' or 'cook each other's favorite meal'.

  • Do you want to show your romantic side?
    You cannot go wrong with 'write each other a love letter' or 'share 5 things you appreciate about each other'

  • Do you want to have deep conversations?
    Start off with conversation starters like 'share something you are afraid of' or 'bring up a difficult topic'

The activities range from so easy that you have no excuse to thoughtful exercises that might just change your life (the inventor of the poster earned 3 stickers for proposing - just saying).


Happy Couple Recipe - the specifics:

  • museum-quality print poster on thick and durable matte paper

  • the poster is a massive 18 x 24 inches (45 x 60 centimeters)

  • 32 reward stickers that match the design of the poster - for FREE ($10 value)

We're glad you asked

Here are some frequently asked questions - if your question is not answered below, please send us a message on our contact page.

Will this poster work for us?

Absolutely. Leading relationship experts agree on the fact that putting effort into your relationship is absolutely crucial for every long-lasting, loving couple. The activities are carefully selected to be applicable for couples of all stages. Our signature playful combination of reward stickers and a beautiful poster takes the edge of seriousness out of it. Fun is the most important ingredient of the happy couple recipe after all.

How long will it take us to finish all the activities

This depends heavily on your own dedication. As a general guideline - we have not seen a couple finish all the activities in less than 6 months. Will you be the first?

What's up with these stickers?

The Happy Couple Recipe includes 32 reward stickers for yourself and your partner (16 for each). You will use these to mark whenever you have completed an activity. This will help you keep track and more importantly - it just feels good to reward yourself with a sticker after you put effort into your relationship. An important note: To ensure everything ends up in perfect shape we send the stickers and the poster separately.

 What happens if I don't personalize the poster

If you choose not to personalize we will print 'You & Me' on the poster - You can look at the pictures on this page to get a feel how this looks like

How long will shipping take?

We aim to ship out your product as quickly as we can, this usually takes 1-3 days. Then it depends on where you are in the world - usually, we are able to get you your set in less than a week. You will get a tracking link per email so you always know when to expect your gift.

Where do you ship from?

Depending on where you are located we ship from our nearest warehouse. These are located in Charlotte, NC, Los Angeles, CA, Tijuana, Mexico as well as Barcelona, Spain, and Riga, Latvia. The global setup allows us to ship as quickly as possible while keeping the environmental impact low.

Now it's on you

 Will you watch your relationship slowly fade? Or are you ready to rekindle the romance to prevent you and your partner from becoming bored roommates? If you choose to make yourself and your partner happy click the button and get your personal Happy Couple Recipe today.